Mission & Objectives


  • To provide timely and accurate statistics in simple format, useful for planning, research and public discourse.
  • To cater to all data needs for informed decision making in a dynamic socio- economic context by making available simple, accurate and timely statistics.
  • To popularize use of data from reliable sources and to promote integrity and impartiality of Official Statistics.
  • To undertake regular assessment of data needs for research, informed decision making and public discourse.
  • To create common pool of statistical personnel in all the departments of the State Government and to provide them leadership to ensure harmonious, efficient and integrated functioning of all the elements of the State statistical system.
  • To secure and strengthen the trust and confidence of all the stakeholders in the State Statistical System by maintaining confidentiality of data providers.
  • To participate and contribute actively in all national initiatives for development of statistical system in country.
  • To conduct various survey and studies at the instance of State & Central Govt.