Status of ISSP Project in the Punjab

Preliminary work on ISSP in State of Punjab:

  • LOP: As per laid down procedure of MOSPI, Punjab Govt. has signed the Letter of Participation (LOP) with Govt. of India for indicating willingness to participate in the project (on dated 10.5.2008).
  • Steering Committee: As per requirement of LOP the State High Level Steering Committee (SHLSC) has been constituted under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Govt. of Punjab (on dated 19.10.2009). This notification has been further modified as per the directions of MOSPI (on dated 26.8.2010) and DDG, NSSO (FoD), MoSPI, GoI, Regional Office; Chandigarh has been incorporated as member of Steering Committee.
  • Nodal Agency: ESO, Punjab had already been notified as a Nodal Agency for Statistical works in the State as required in LOP (on dated 8.4.2003) and it also has been notified as Nodal Agency for this Project (on dated 26.8.2010).
  • State Strategic Statistical Plan (SSSP): Under ISSP the states are required to prepare "State Strategic Statistical Plan (SSSP)". The SSSP is expected to provide a state with a strategy for strengthening statistical capacity across the entire State Statistical System (SSS). It gives the opportunity to provide a vision for where the SSS should be in five to ten years, assess the current status statistical review data needs and set out strategies for getting there. The SSSP is also required to contain activity-wise and year-wise estimates of funds require and the share between State and GOI for implementing SSSP.
  • Project Management Team: To facilitate design/draft "State Strategic Statistical Plan (SSSP"), a Project Management Team headed by Economic Adviser has been constituted (on dated 26.8.2010).
  • Funds: For the preparation of SSSP, MOSPI had allotted Rs.10.00 lacs for Punjab.

Action Taken for Preparation of "Punjab State Strategic Statistical Plan (PSSSP)":

  • The first meeting of PMT was held on 29.11.2010 in which detailed discussion was held on the preparation of PSSSP.
  • After writing to supply requisite information, a meeting was convened with all line departments on 7.1.2011 under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary Planning to sensitize the departments about the importance of the project and to supply the requisite information in time.
  • The information supplied by line departments and different branches of DES was comprehensively reviewed and incorporated in PSSSP.
  • Although initially a consultant had been selected to assist ESO in the preparation of SSSP, but major exercise of preparing the PSSSP was done as an in-house exercise within DES under the overall supervision of Economic Adviser. Accordingly the first draft of PSSSP was prepared. This draft was put up in the PMT's meeting held on 25.5.2011 for reviewing.
  • Subsequently, a meeting of Key Line Departments was convened on 3.6.2011 for getting their comments on draft of PSSSP. On the basis of comments received from all quarters, draft SSSP was revised accordingly.
  • The revised draft was subsequently placed in the meeting of all stake holders including representative of CSO (GOI), Universities, Research Institutes, NGOs held on 23.6.2011.
  • The comments and suggestions received from all quarters in this meeting were further incorporated in draft SSSP. The whole process was monitored by the Principal Secretary, Planning, on regular basis.
  • The Draft of PSSSP had been sent to MOSPI for reviewing and comments.
  • Final Draft of PSSSP was got approved from the State Level Steering Committee (SLSC) on the ISSP in its meeting held on 28.11.2011 under the chairmanship of the worthy Chief Secretary, Government Punjab.
  • The draft of PSSSP approved by SLSC has been sent to MOSPI, GOI on 2.3.2012 for further necessary action. PSSSP contains the proposals to the tune of Rs. 110.48 crore.

Memorandum of Understandings (MoU):

  • As per instructions of DDG (ISSS), CSO, Govt. of India (GoI), the draft of MoU has been prepared and sent to CSO for further action.
  • This MoU will be signed by the GoI and Government of Punjab, on the basis of which, the Govt. of India will provide funds to the State to implement PSSSP in the State.