What is GIS?

GIS in Punjab
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based system which can handle large volumes of non-spatial and spatial data derived from a variety of sources such as field surveys, aerial surveys and remote sensing. GIS helps in providing citizen centric services, public service delivery such as education, health and social security and hold great promise for improving government effectiveness. In a meeting held under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary on 22-4-2013 regarding application of Remote Sensing Maps for GIS and Planning, a decision was taken to create a dedicated Cell under the Department of Planning for effective monitoring of application of GIS for spatial planning and monitoring. Accordingly a GIS Cell was created in Economic and Statistical Organisation (ESO) on 20-05-2013. After intensive discussions and meetings with various departments, a Short-term Action Plan for Punjab GIS was prepared.
  • Two state specific GIS portal have been prepared: Punjab GIS and Village GIS. The Village GIS portal https://vdpunjab.ncog.gov.in/login is having more than 250 indicators of village Directory prepared by ESO. The Punjab GIS portal https://punjab.ncog.gov.in/admin/gisModule includes key departments of the state government like Animal Husbandry, Canal, Census, Colleges, Health, MPLAD Scheme, Schools, Technical Institutes, Tourism, Water Resources and Wetlands besides others.